According to the CDC, there is about 6 million car accidents a year in the US. That’s more than 16,000 accidents per day. If you or anyone you know has been in a car accident, then you are aware of the stress that comes following the accident. Although many people and even some physicians will tell you that neck and back pain that follows accidents will diminish over time, these injuries can cause serious problems down the road if it isn’t taken care of immediately. If a physician does not specialize in the neck and back area, they are not able to pinpoint the actual problems you’re experiencing. Therefore, seeing a chiropractor trained in auto injuries is the most beneficial option following an accident.

After auto collisions the force of impact can cause neck and back injury. The force that goes along with car accidents generates an enormous amount of pressure in the neck and back. The inertia of the opposing force causes everything in the car – including you – to move in that direction as well; eventually a seat belt (hopefully) or some other object will stop this momentum which causes immense strain on our back and neck which are sensitive areas in our body. At auto injury pain clinic our chiropractors specialize in pinpointing these injuries and can fix the problems before they become worse.

The auto collision treatment that your chiropractor will do will vary, but most offices will typically start with an x-ray to see which parts of the spine are injured. A chiropractor aides in the healing of auto injuries – making a small change that makes a huge difference. At auto injury pain clinic we will come up with an detailed treatment plan so that we can get you the best care for you auto injuries.