Pain in the area of the hip is common after a motor vehicle accident. This is definitely pain you shouldn’t ignore. If your pelvis twisted upon impact, then it can lead to a variety of problems. Your gait may have been impacted and that can lead to problems with your lower back after a short time. A tilted pelvis can also cause one foot to be higher than the other, which can then lead to knee pain. If you notice any pain in your hips or knees, make sure to see the chiropractor as soon as you can.Foot, knee or ankle injuries are also common in motor vehicle accidents. A car accident can be very hard on the lower extremities, particularly if you are the driver of the vehicle, as your knees are typically only a few inches from the dash, steering wheel and pedals.A head-on collision can cause severe damage to the legs of both the driver and the passenger in the front seat. In a head-on collision, the front end of a car is pushed in significantly, which causes the passenger space in the car to reduce instantly. As a result, the knees, ankles, and feet can be crushed or severely sprained. Many muscles and ligaments that support the ankles and knees are highly susceptible to injury when the feet and legs are caught under the weight of the frontend. Although seemingly uncommon, people who place their feet on the dashboard from a laying-back position in the front seat are at the highest risk of injuring their feet, legs, and hips. Even in a minor fender bender, when a person’s feet and legs are resting on the dashboard, the body will slide under the seat belt, which will cause substantial strain on the leg muscles and cause a phenomenal amount of pressure to the hips and lower back.Most people are unaware that a chiropractor can treat conditions away from the spine, but a good chiropractor can be helpful in treating many other areas of the body. The bones in the ankles and knees typically move from their normal alignment during an auto accident because of their awkward positioning or impact with the car. In many situations, the bones in the back and hips can also shift and cause a pinched nerve, which can create shooting pains from the buttocks to the feet. A chiropractic adjustment can be very effective when treating ankle and knee injuries that originate from the spine based on their understanding and education of the bone, nerve, and muscle structures in the body.There are 60 bones in the feet, knees and ankles that may suffer an injury in a car accident. The human foot and ankle also have 26 separate bones. In addition to the bones found in the feet, knees and ankles, there are also numerous ligaments, muscles, tendons and other soft tissues that hold everything together and provide flexibility and movement. Your recovery is our number one priority. Each situation is unique and deserves one-on-one attention. Our doctors at auto injury pain clinic will assess your injuries, determine a unique treatment plan, and help you move forward with your life following an accident.