• ” Dr. Melody’s treatments are great. She is so nice and friendly. I always feel better after coming in. She stretches me out, does muscle work and chiropractic. I have felt better since my accident. I would highly recommend Auto Injury Pain Clinic “

  • ” Dr. Walia is truly knowledgeable. Right away he explained why I was hurting so bad from my accident and got me therapies. I had an x-ray and was explained everything. I have had x-rays in the past and the amount of caring in this office is amazing. They went out of their way to do everything they could to make me feel good. The staff at Auto Injury Pain Clinic is great as well. “

  • ” Dr. Lee helped me with some of the muscle tension I had after my accident. I was getting adjusted and having massage but still had knots that would not go away. She was able to do some acupuncture and I felt better immediately. “

  • ” Dr. Cho helped me out with my injuries from an accident I was in about a year ago. I was seeing another chiropractor when my lawyer told me to come here since I was still having pain. Dr. Cho ordered an MRI right away and found I had a disc problem. Not only was he able to treat me but he sent me to some Pain doctors right away. I was so impressed because I did not have to wait months to see the specialist. This place was very different from the other place I was going and I am very happy with my progress at Auto Injury Pain Clinic. “