Is your neck stiff and sore in the morning after a car accident? Do you find difficulty moving your head in different positions? Neck pain affects millions of people each day, ranging from stiffness in movement or sharp pinching pains when turning your head. Neck pain is a very common injury after an auto collision. This neck pain can have a myriad of associated symptoms. In the case of this muscle being overstretched or torn, the bones in the neck (vertebrae) move due to swelling, inflammation, and muscle imbalance therefore causing nerve irritation. This leads to the sharp, stabbing, shooting pains and headaches that are associated with neck pain. Neck pain could also lead to dizziness or numbness/weakness down the arms. Sometimes these symptoms can be helped with ice, rest, or painkillers. However, it is good to remember that medication merely masks the pain while the body tries to heal itself. It is not the cure to make the pain get better – ignoring the pain by taking painkillers can have more severe consequences later if the cause of the pain is never properly taken care of.

Neck pain is a serious concern if not treated correctly, as the damaged spinal muscles may stay imbalanced and not heal properly. This can result in loss of range of motion or function (similarly to when a broken arm is not “set” properly) and will wear down your joints with time. This process is referred to degeneration or arthritis – which can happen gradually. Unfortunately, many people do not detect it until it has progressed to an advanced stage. At auto injury pain clinic we will assess your injuries and give you an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

Our doctors are essential to alleviate and properly heal neck injuries. After careful examination, a chiropractor can pinpoint which areas in your neck are injured and causing the spasms or muscle imbalance. By treating the injured vertebrae we can relieve pain and spasms – giving you recovery while also giving you more support prevention of developing long term conditions.